Trenching Equipment

Protect your subsea cable installations using state-of-the-art technology

Protecting expensive subsea cables takes specialist tools and knowledge to ensure your cables are afforded the best protection possible within any environment.

To do this, we select one of our Remotely Operated Verhicles (ROVs) best suited to the task, and choose the best team for the job.  Generally we recommend a simultaneous operation to dig the trench and lay the cable to minimize time and costs, and to reduce any risk of damage to the cable.  Subsea trenching is always time-sensitive, and we take great care to perform it properly, with highly skilled teams equipped with the right tools for this demanding and essential job.

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Injector is a powerful deep burial installation jetting tool, which benefits from Global Marine’s patented hydroject technology. The package is able to fluidise seabed soil, enabling deep cable and flexible pipe burial with minimal residual tension. Shallow water systems are designed to bury to a depth of 2 metres, and larger models to at least 10 metres, operating in depths within diver limitations.

Key Features

  • Cable of both cable and flexible pipeline deep burial
  • Designed to excavate narrow trenches in shallow waters
  • High capacity water flow
  • Minimal residual cable tension
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Rocksaw Trencher

Rocksaw is a unique rock trenching tool designed to operate from our specialist cable installation barges. The system is driven by a 2000HP hydraulic power pack, and is capable of excavation in a wide range of bedrock types in excess of 60MPa. Rocksaw is capable of burial to a depth of 4m in rock, and operating in depths within diver limitations.

Key Features

  • Deep trencher for seabed rock
  • High volume water jetting system enables removal of overburden
  • Maintenance, including chain adjustment and pick changing, can be carried out by divers
  • Chain length for up to 4m trench
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Panzer Burial Sled

The burial sled 'Panzer' has been designed with the purpose of burying cables with (or without) steel articulated pipes protection. The standard burial is 2 metres but this can be increased to 3 metres and 5 metres with additional tooling. Since articulated pipe normally covers only the inshore portion of a shore end cable, the sled design parameters included the ability to make a transition from articulated pipe to cable without intervention.

Key Features

  • The entire burial sled comprises of 2 pontoons, a transverse frame (aft) and stinger injector. A subsea hydraulic cylinder that is in turn driven by a 4KW electric hydraulic power unit that activates the 'stinger' mounted injector.
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Viper Burial Sled

Viper is a jet sled designed for deep cable burial and fitted with a wide range of instrumentation to ensure high quality installation. The standard burial stinger provides 3.25m burial of telecom cables, other configurations are available to suit different operations. Viper is designed for either surface water fed operations in shallow water or to be fitted with submersible pump/motor sets for diver-less operations for burial down to 200m water depth.

Key Features

  • Depth rating to air-diving depths for surface fed water jetting, to 200m with submersible pump/motor sets
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Standard Cable Ploughs

Global Marine operates an extensive fleet of cable ploughs, used for projects around the world.

The vehicles have been designed to operate to depths of 1,500m, and are capable of installing cable, repeaters, and cable splice boxes.

All ploughs are equipped with a cable tracking system, and forward obstacle avoidance sonar

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Global Marine’s range of Hi-Ploughs®meet thedemand for deeper burial, and represent thelatest in deep-water plough technology. Each Hi-Plough has 500kW of jetting power and can be fitted with either a 2m plough share or a3.25m injector share. Introduced in 2001, the Hi-Ploughs® have won a strong track record for achieving deep cable burial protection.

Key Features

  • Adjustable depth setting by skid height
  • Repeater burial by share flaps
  • 1.5m minimum cable bend radius
  • Max cable/product diameter: 150mm
  • Max repeater diameter: 380mm
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