Equipment Leasing

We use advanced technology because subsea work is demanding and difficult. When you need specialized equipment for your projects, Global Marine can help.

We have invested heavily in subsea technology because the work is demanding, difficult, and takes place in highly varied terrain.

Your marine project, wherever it is in the world, will benefit from our research and development, especially when time is of the essence and the weather is against you. Whether your project involves deep sea, or coastal operations, is for commercial, academic or government use, we offer the tools you need when planning your subsea project.

We Offer:

  • Load Monitoring: Saddlebacks; Running Line Monitors; Load Links
  • Powered Spoolers: Under Roll Stands; Direct Drive Spoolers
  • Cable Engines: Tracked Engines; Wheeled Engines
  • Cable Working Equipment: Grapnels; Shackles; Rope; Chutes

For more information on leasing,

please contact Kevin Connor

For more information please contact us: