Case Study

Global Marine installs Fibre Optic Cable connecting Tunisia and Sicily

Hannibal Project Subsea Cabling

Tunisie Telecom contracted (Huawei Achievement Marine Networks) HMN and Global Marine Systems Limited for the supply and installation of fibre optic cable for the Hannibal submarine cable system between beach manholes in Kelibia, Tunisia and Mazara del Vallo, Sicily. The 177.5 kilometres of submarine cable was provided by Nexans, and loaded at the port of Rognan, Norway. 

Global Marine used Denholm Offshore Limited (DOL) for both shore‐end landings, which were landed directly from the C.S. Sovereign and secured within the beach man hole. Global Marine’s cable ship C.S. Sovereign utilised the submersible plough and remotely operated vehicle systems to install the cable up to one metre below the seabed.

Project overview

• Vessel: CS Sovereign
• Location: Mediterranean Sea
• Length: 177.5km
• Burial Depth: 1m

CS Sovereign

Hannibal project Tunisia and Sicily


The Hannibal system installation was the first turnkey solution to be delivered following the inception of Huawei Marine, the project pulled together expertise of Huawei Marine and parent companies Global Marine and Huawei Technologies.

The complete project was delivered in just under eight months and was able to both increase the countries demand for bandwidth as well as fortify the security of its international connections. 


Ship: C.S. Sovereign is one of the most advanced off‐ shore engineering ships of its kind in the world.

At 130 metres in length, DP2 C.S. Sovereign is capable of handling the wide variety of subsea tasks required by such diverse industries as telecommunications, oil & gas, and deep sea research.

C.S. Sovereign has worked on numerous projects, which include: Fibre to Judy in the North Sea providing installation services to the oil & gas market, SGSCS FOC installation in the Caribbean as well as undertaking charter contracts supporting a diverse range of offshore projects.

Submersibles: Atlas is a state of the art, ultra heavy work class remotely operated vehicle (ROV) designed for intervention, trenching, umbilical and power cable maintenance, post lay and inspection roles. With 400Hp of installed power Atlas ROVs have substantial intervention capabilities, and an operating depth range down to 2,000 metres.

Hi-Plough, has been designed to operate to depths of 1,500 metres and is capable of installing cable, repeaters and cable splice boxes. The plough is equipped with a cable tracking system and forward obstacle avoidance sonar. 

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