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Telecom Solutions – Global Marine Systems

When charged with leading your company to greater profitability by maximizing revenue while minimizing both risks and costs, you need network technologies that are efficient, reliable and that support business objectives.

That's why companies around the world are turning to high speed telecommunications networks and to Global Marine Systems for their subsea cable installation and maintenance needs.

As a company that engineers and installs fibre-based communications networks, we work with customers to take advantage of the unique benefits high-speed data networks provide.  We specialize in cable route planning and engineering and also provide shallow water installation services.

With such a diverse history and equipment base, Global Marine Systems is able to handle any subsea cable operation in even the most challenging environments.

Providing services for telecommunications providers

Subsea services

Global Marine Systems is well equipped to handle any subsea cable requirements for telecommunications providers.  Our rich subsea cable history dates back more than 150 years, and while our ships have changed, our passion for the business hasn’t.  We are fully equipped with the knowledge and personnel that only decades of successful operations can attract.

Global Marine is able to handle the installation, maintenance and jointing required when subsea cable laying and subsea cable repair are needed.

During installation, Global Marine offers an array of specialist equipment – vessels, ROVs and trenching tools - operated by extremely proficient and highly trained teams, and purpose built vessels designed for a variety of environments and operations.  Access to our global support depots enhances our capabilities and ensures operations proceed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Global Marine manages your cable design and survey requirements, your initial ploughing, trenching, installation, post-lay inspection and maintenance needs- saving a significant amount of time and funding when planning your telecommunications network.

Shallow water services

Shallow water services refers to shore-end installations, where a similar but different set of capabilities is required to safely bring a subsea cable onto land.

Global Marine Systems has a substantial skill base in shallow water engineering and cable protection close to shore. This includes protection against waves, beach erosion and other natural elements. We also have access to specialised shallow draft vessels and personnel that can utilise smaller boats and land equipment.

As cables closest to shore present the biggest target for external threats their protection and repair is of the utmost importance.

Cable routing and cable engineering services

Clear identification of seabed obstacles and full evaluation of all installation considerations helps promote sound risk profiles, manage investment requirements and ensure long-term system security for your telecommunications cable projects.

Risks to integrity caused by either the natural environment or external factors need to be considered during system design. Working with Global Marine Systems is the best way to ensure systems are installed to the best possible standard, as cutting-edge engineering is used throughout the project and cable resiliency and protection is considered at every step along the way.

Before the first cable is laid, Global Marine evaluates risk, plans cable routes and makes considerations for alternatives. By making these plans early, the system installation is finished on-budget and on-time, every time.

About Global Marine Systems

Global Marine Systems has a comprehensive background in engineering and underwater services.  A continual leader in design and engineering around the world, we are experts in providing fibre-based data network engineering, installation and maintenance services.

Contact Global Marine Systems today for your telecommunications network engineering, installation and maintenance needs.